Lookin’ and Listenin’

Phillipans 4:7 (NIV) And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I find often when I am driving that’s when I really reflect on my life and spend a little time with God. Today as I was driving across town I started thinking about my grandfather. I was imagining him sitting on the porch in his favorite chair. I smiled as I began to think about what my grandfather would say when people would call him and ask what he was doing? He would often say, “oh, just sittin’ here lookin’ and listenin’.”
Growing up I would sometimes get the honor of sitting on the porch with my grandfather. In those quiet moments as we looked at God’s beauty taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, I would often wonder what is my grandfather thinking about in these quiet moments. He came from the Delta of Mississippi where he was a sharecropper. He wanted something better for his family, so he moved to Iowa.
In Iowa he and my grandmother raised 11 children. I would look and at my grandfather and witness the joy and sometimes the pain of life. I would think is my grandpa sitting and reflecting on where God has brought him from or and where God is leading him to? I will never know. But I was able to see and feel God’s presence. My grandfather would sometimes begin to sing or hum. It was almost like that was the only way to share what he was feeling in that moment.
As I have grown older I find myself having lookin’ and listenin’ moments. I think about where God has brought me from and talk to him. I want to know where he wants to take me. I imagine God looking and listening at me as I live each day. So when I begin my day I ask God to lead me and guide me and I will follow according to His plan.

Dear God,
Thank you for being such a gracious and loving God. I want to give you all the praise on where you have brought me from. I ask that today as I take the time to look and listen to You that my heart and mind be open to receive your message.

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