Learning from your children…a child with a mission

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7 KJV)

Every day I am amazed by my daughter. Her sense of purpose and focus is unlike most anyone I have known. She sets her mind on something and takes the task on with a spirit of “I own this.” Her name is Maya. I like to call her my miracle baby.

Throughout my teens, and as a young adult, I suffered from endometriosis. It’s a horrible and painful illness. I was told I couldn’t have children, because of it. Oh how I lamented over that!

Thinking I would not get to carry, cuddle and have a child that would look like me. God stepped in and it was one of those “but God” realities. He definitely had the final say. I was blessed with my daughter 11 years ago.

Before she arrived I had some of the most beautiful dreams about her. I visualized her just as she is and continues to become. A gorgeous, strong, brilliant, confident, spirited and passionate soul.

After her birth I knew she had a great destiny. This has been confirmed repeatedly by the elders in my family who have seen her wisdom. Since she was a toddler she’s engaged in conversations that amazes them. She is a child who is running for the Lord.

Last year she started a new school. She met a little girl who was also new to the school. Maya quickly realized this girl was hurting. The girls’ parents had separated at the beginning of the school year. Each day Maya would come home with stories of the different things this young girl would do to deal with her pain. She told Maya that she didn’t believe in Jesus, because he didn’t help her parents stay together.

Maya understood the pain and could empathize with her new friend because her father and I had gotten a divorce too. Maya came home one day and said, “I know what it is mommy. My friend doesn’t know the Lord.” She went on to tell me how this year she was going to make it her mission to introduce her friend to God. Maya said, “God helped me so I know He can help my friend.”

The very next day Maya went to school and asked her friend, “have you ever asked for something that was not possible, but it happened?” She went on to say, “if so that was God…he will make a way out of no way.” That year Maya allowed God to work through her.

She continued to share stories and speak to her friend about how God has been there for her and how He will do the same for her. Maya embraced her with love, understanding, and acceptance just the way Christ does for us.

Dear God,

Thank you for your favor. In spite of my faults and mistakes, your love shines on me. Thank you for being so patient, understanding and gracious. Thank for giving me the opportunity to see another beautiful day. I ask that this week you continue to order my steps each day. And, let me be a blessing to others I meet along the way.


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