Do We Know Our Work?


Jeremiah 29:11(NKJV) 11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

The other night I was driving home with my daughter Maya and we were having our typical mother daughter conversation. She asked her twenty plus questions in under a minute. I am always amazed at her thought process, analogies and thirst to learn so much.

As I tried to keep up with Maya and give her the best response I could in the moments I had to respond.  I sat so pleased and grateful that our relationship allowed her to feel comfortable asking me questions and sharing her thoughts and ideas. After a bit she stopped asking questions and it was quiet for at least five minutes.

Then right when I began to get comfortable with a moment of silence, Maya looked at me and said, “Mommy sometimes when I am silent I  am just thinking  about will I be able to  finish the work that I want to do here on earth before I die.” My mind began to race and as I tried to come up with an answer. She hit me with another question, “Will I finish my work up in heaven?”

Both questions shook my soul. I responded, “I believe God will allow you to complete your work here on earth before you die. Your job in heaven might be something that we can’t even put into words here on earth.”  Since then I have marveled at her commitment to her work at such a young age. Wow! May God show her favor!

Maya’s questions reminded me that tomorrow is never promised. Also, that I, and the rest of us who are His children, should consider this – “with the days we are given here on earth, are we living out God’s will for our life and if so are we working towards it?”

Dear God,

Thank You for putting people in my life that continue to make think about what I am doing. Especially my daughter Maya, a precious gift You have given me. You are so amazing in all that You do. I ask that You give me the strength to stand strong in my faith and that my work here on earth is pleasing in Your sight.


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