Philippians 4:13(NKJV): 13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.

Strength and being strong is something that most of us work towards. We seek strength in a number of ways. Most develop their strength by working out. Others will seek to strengthen their mental mindset to get through life.

As a young girl, and even today, I look at my mother with admiration for her strength and how strong she is. She raised 3 children and helped raise some of her grandchildren while being a single parent. I know at times life is hard for her and we as children don’t always make it easy on her with some of our life choices. I have really have not seen my mother cry more than a handful of times. And, I have never heard her complain about what life was throwing at her. 

When I was young I would ask myself, “Where does Mom get her strength from?” I would also wonder if being a strong woman meant we shouldn’t cry or show emotion when something or someone hurts us. That thinking didn’t come from my mother, she stands in her strength. This feeling about being a strong woman came from society. In turn that made me resent the words “you are a strong woman.” 

I would cringe when someone would tell me I was a strong woman, as if I should be wearing a badge. It wasn’t until I started to re-frame how that statement made me feel and change my response to it that I could receive it more positively.

In my need to understand, I turned to God. I began to really seek Him and talk with Him. He began to show me what strength and being strong really meant. I realized my mother’s strength came from the Lord and her commitment to Him made her strong. My walk with my God has allowed me to face each victory knowing there would be more challenges ahead. And yes, I am strong with Him!


Dear God,

Thank you for Your continuous grace and mercy.  You have made me and my family strong.  When this week gets tough please let me be reminded where my strength comes from. I owe You all the praise and glory.


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