Praise Him


Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.”

Praise is what they do…that’s what I thought about adults in the church as a child.  Growing up I would hear women and men talk about the goodness of God and what he’s done for them. I thought now why are they talking so much and who needs to know.  They called it testifying.

As I heard those testimonials people would weep, cry out loud and sometimes do a little dance.  At times I would even see people run around the church screaming about what God has brought them through or how good God is.  The reality is – it wasn’t just at church. I would see my mother, grandparents, and other family members having the same reaction at home. Just think people at home praising God. It would happen based on a conversation at the dinner table, listening to a song or singing (which we always did a lot of) as a family.

Now, praise is what I do!  As I’ve grown older I find myself doing the same things.  Now my children are looking at me saying “Mom what’s going on? Why are you shouting and crying?  Who did something to you?”  But when you see the goodness of God work in your life and other people’s lives all you can do sometimes is scream Hallelujah!  Too, I might even break out into my dance to praise and worship Him.

I often tell them if you can shout and go crazy when your team makes a touch down, makes the basket or scores the point passing the goalie that is good. It shows that your team has had an opportunity to take the lead or catch up. In the end they may even have a victory of winning the game. But realize it is a game.  One of many you will have in life.

As I speak to them, I want them to know there is nothing in this life that comes even close to the victories you can have in Christ Jesus. I want them to know that every breath that they take, step that they make, wiggle in their wobble is all because of Him.  As they mature and grow they see me, their grandmother, aunts and uncles continue to shout and praise God at what may be the weirdest times.  As they experience God in their lives I pray that they have that same reaction for God.  As they think and see what God will have brought them through and what he’s done in their life I am sure they will praise Him in their own special way.

What am I saying, just like you don’t care when people look at you weird when you’re shouting at a game, you shouldn’t care when the Holy Spirit consumes you and you just feel like dancing. Praise is what we are required to do and it is what I do.  The word of God says in Psalms 35:28 And my tongue shall speak of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long.  To God be the glory for He is worthy of all praise and worship!


Dear God,
Thank you for waking me up today and giving me the spirit of celebration. I truly feel blessed and am shouting hallelujah for the things that You have brought me through. I know You didn’t have to, but You did. My prayer is that I will continue to praise you and that my praise will be infectious to others. That I will never be ashamed of my testimony and that I will share about the goodness of You all my life.



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