You Never Know


Matthew 25:35 KJV – “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:”

I had an experience as a young child that has had a lasting impact and I will never forget it.  Years ago I fed people who were hungry in the park with my mother and sister on Sunday’s. We would go to church and then quickly leave to prepare for service in the park. We would have a church service.
On Saturday my mom would plan and prepare food for those she knew would be coming to the park on Sunday.  It was important to her for the food to be nutritious and good.   You could see that for many they needed a hot Sunday meal. That was always the best part of Sunday for me.  I could see the smiles on people’s faces and the relationships that were built in Christ.  It was powerful to see people Sunday after Sunday giving their life to Christ. It’s an image permanently placed on my memory wall.   
I was always told to treat people the way you want to be treated, because you never know where you could end up. I’m only saying that because just like I saw people in the park, some of whom, didn’t have a home I found myself in the very same place in my life. My mother had gotten blacklisted and couldn’t get a job and we lost everything that I knew of or thought mattered. We were only homeless for a couple of months but it felt like a lifetime to me.  During that time it was just me and my mother.  We had each other.
Our relationship with Christ grew stronger and our relationship as mother and daughter grew even stronger. There were moments when I wanted to cry but I didn’t want to feel that in front of my mom. I wanted to be strong and be a support to my mother. I had seen her sacrifice so much for me and my siblings.  Struggling to make ends meet as a single mom and make it in a city where being single is not always that easy. 
She put God first and then family. She always told me to pray my way through stuff and that’s what we did. People never knew what the smile on my face really hid.  I had a secret.  They didn’t know my story.  They didn’t know how hard it was and what I was going through.  But, God knew. I had my Lord and Savior right there comforting me. 
When I no longer had my home, my room, my bed, I had my God.  So when you are out helping people that you view as less fortunate remember this please; do it from a humble place, a gracious place, a loving place.  A place where they see God through you. And know, that they will not always be in that situation. And be mindful, that things could change and you could be in there very shoes.

Dear God,
Thank you for the grace and mercy You continue to show me each and every day. As I go through this day please allow me to show your love and kindness through my actions towards others. I pray that I will step out of  my comfort zone and help someone in need. 

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