Words Have Power

words-have-power-meme 2

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

The things we say…think about it. We all have done it at some point either spoken life or death into a situation or person.  As I have gotten older I now realize how powerful the words I choose to use are.  Now I think about it.  Looking back I know I have beat myself up with the words I have said about me and the situations I have faced. 

Often I find myself reminding my children to watch what they are saying.  I remind them, because the words that come out of their mouth have much more power than they could ever imagine. Even a child can speak words of how good they are, how smart they are, how they will ace the test, be friends with the bully, cheer up the child who is sad, say something kind to their sister or brother rather than the usual tension and exchange that can happen with young siblings. 

As they walk in life they can change their vocabulary and speak words that will bring prosperity, joy, healing, and hope into their lives, amidst the chaos they face in this world today. So, think about it, what are the words you say when you’re talking about yourself? What are the words you say when you talk about your spouse? What are the words you say when you talk to and about your children? What are the words you use each day? Think about it will the words you use usher in life or death? I challenge you to join me starting today.  What will you say about yourself, what is the one good thing you say about a situation or a person you encounter today that may be causing you a bit of grief?  Life happens but you have power – use it!  

Dear God,

Thank you for another glorious day and a chance to spread a good word. I ask that when I am feeling defeated, that you give me the power to continue to speak life over my situation.


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